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Why is good for children’s sport clubs?

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

What is is an administration and communication software designed for children facilities. This software can be considered as “all in one” as it was developed together with a real sport club.

sport clubs
Children different sports is a solution that includes functionalities like:

Online enrolments

Parents do the work by filling the form and you only accept children to the group. All data is immediately stored in the system. No need to type or rewrite names and addresses. The automated e-mails are integrated into this function. This means that accepting a child to a groups, system generates a confirmation e-mail. No need to spend any extra time on this.

Click here to know more about enrollment process.

Organised groups structure

You can create as many groups as you need. To scheduled groups, you can also create a participants of competitions, summer activities, travels. You will be also able to see the amount of children in each group, pre-inscription, coaches, etc.

Full contact data base

You have the entire overview of all your groups, classes, schedules, children, parents, and staff. Each member has a separate account where you can store information, attached document, past and current enrolments.


You are connected to both: parents and educators. keeps the updated information of groups and allow to send announcement to one group or the entire club.

Personal accounts

All users: parents, coaches and administration have their personal secure accounts. Keep personal data the most safe and secure.

Presence / Absence

Your staff can log absence or presence information and after to generate beautiful and structured reports. In the same time, parents are able to communicate a child’s absence. Coaches in charge will immediately be informed.

Publishing pictures or videos

You have the opportunity to create instant information about activities and routines of the children. Parents can be notified by e-mail on new information published in the timeline.

Cloud based is a cloud solution that allows you to connect from office, home and even from being on holidays. You can get connected with all types of devices: PC, tablets and mobile phones. A modern web browser is all you need.

Working time registration

Your staff can register working time and amount of fees to be paid for their work. All records are also displayed in a PDF format.

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