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How to manage group schedule reservations?

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Group reservation allow parents to book a place in a particular class.

Reservations are done on the group schedule level in the “Calendar” (via communication portal).

To be able to open a reservation there are few important rules to be respected:

  1. Reservations are only possible if a “single schedule” was applied to a group.

Here are examples of schedules:

a) Multiple schedules

Screen shedule

b) Single schedules

screen shedule

2. Correct schedules must be selected for each child.

screen shedule

3. Parents will only see the possibility to book a place if the schedule is selected and their child has the status “Enrolled”.

4. Reservations are not possible in the past neither for administrators, educators, or parents.

Once correctly selected you will be able to see the list of children for a particular day.

How to open a reservation?

  1. Go to the “Calendar” and select the schedule where you want to open a reservation for parents.


2. In the pop-up window, you will see the list of children enrolled to the group. To open a reservation, click on “Edit” and enter a number of places.


Once confirmed, parents, educators and administrators will be able to book a place.

screen list of children

You can run reports in PDF format:

a) in “Calendar”, below the list of children – for one particular schedule;

b) in “Reports” for one full day.

Informational sheet for parents can be downloaded here:

How to_Reservation_en_fr
Download PDF • 412KB



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