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8 reasons why digitalise your club children / school / studio: All-in-one management software

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

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Increase team productivity by managing your entire organisation with 1 single program.

Many of the children facilities use Excell spreadsheets, Word documents, mass mailing tools, e-mails and other different software for connection with parents and also for managing the children data base. Here we point 7 reasons why to use managent and communication software designed for children facilities.

1. Efficiency and productivity.

You save real time on re-writing personal data of children, list of groups and schedules. No need to collect personal e-mail per each group.

2. Connection between different programs.

On in all software helps you to record data “one and only” time. Often parents do your work for you by registering their child via online registration form. You will never need to rewrite any credentials.

3. Transparency.

All users are connected. Teachers and educators can publish and share information with parents directly. Parents can ask a question by using the platform.

You as manager can write mails either to parents or educators, without collecting the list of correct e-mails.

4. GDPR compliance.

Using the program helps you to be even compliant. keeps your data safe and it is easy to delete. GDPR necessary documentation is provided upon request.

5. Payments.

No due payments will be forgotten. Being connected to online payment service allow you to provide automated notifications to parents and direct registration of paid invoices to the payment journal.

6. Document’s storage.

All documents at the click of the button. Need to get an access to a work contract, a medical health license or a parent approval? Check a personal account and open a required document.

7. More details - more control.

Advice your educators to check presence and absence. Parents can report child’s absence from their parent portal too. The more you know about children and parents the better you can plan your future activities.

8. Professionalism.

Using brings you to another level in communication with parents data administration.

If you a have more questions, request your free demo on our we-site: it simply write us on

We love to digitalise you!

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